(What to do before and during a sand storm)

Sand storm is a powerful climbing of sand and dust particles caused by strong and stormy winds moving toward heights. Sand storms often occur in areas of desert devoid of vegetation or have lost vegetation due to the overuse of land.

Earth free from vegetation together with high speed winds are among the most common causes of sandstorms. The overuse of plants and vegetation, successive droughts, and decrease in underground water all lead to desertification and sand movement.

Sand storm is a natural phenomenon that is common in arid and semi-arid climate. It often happens while sudden weather front is passing or when wind power is greater than its threshold. Then it raises sand and dust from dry land into the air. The movement and suspension of dust particles cause a gradual erosion and attrition of the earth. So soil rises into the air and deposits elsewhere.

Actions before the sandstorm

  • Before the severe wind, avoid going to desert or desert areas.
  • Be aware of weather condition before going to areas where there is a risk of dust storm.

Actions during the sandstorm

  • Keep your cool.
  • If you get caught in a storm, try to stay against the wind.
  • By the end of the storm, take shelter behind the plants, shrubs or rocks.
  • Cover your eyes, head, face and mouth completely. These particles can seriously damage your eyes.
  • Be careful when you breathe because dust particles damage the lungs and respiratory system of humans and animals seriously.

If you are driving:

  • If possible try to avoid driving in sandstorm.
  • Due to low visibility, drive carefully.
  • Stay inside the car.
  • Put front of the vehicle in the wind direction and turn it off.
  • Occasionally turn on your car and move a little forward.
  • If there is an accumulation of sand on the car, occasionally get out of the car and ,while you have covered your face, remove the sand

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