Man-made hazards

(What to do before, during, and after a nuclear accident) The heat of nuclear fission in a closed environment converts water into steam. Then the generators use the steam to produce electricity. Now many countries use these power plants to generate electricity. People living within 14 km of a nuclear power plant are at risk. […]

Terrorists and saboteurs have often used explosive devices as one of conventional methods. These people don’t take too much trouble for making explosive devices because the necessary information in this respect can be found in books and other resources easily. Materials required for making explosive devices can be found in many places. Automobiles or people […]

The possibility of terrorist/terroristic use of radioactive material dispersal device (commonly called dirty bomb) is far more than the use of a real nuclear bomb. To prepare a dirty bomb normal explosive (a bomb) is combined with radioactive material. The aim of making dirty bomb is to release dangerous and lethal amount of radioactive material […]

A nuclear explosion is an explosion with intense light and heat and with a devastating pressure wave and release of radioactive materials leading to the pollution of air, water and soil miles away from the place of explosion. A nuclear bomb can be so big that could only be carried by an intercontinental ballistic missile […]

(What to do before and after)   Every year in Iran, due to fire, some people lose their lives and many get disabled or injured. Many of these fires are preventable. The financial loss caused by such fires sometimes amounts to several billion Rials a year. Citizens should be familiar with fire characteristics in order […]

(What to do before, during and after) Traffic accidents are among the most important factors causing death and severe injuries. Traffic accidents can also have huge economic and social impacts. Factors involved in car accidents are divided into three main groups including: human factors, factors related to the vehicles and factors related to the roads. […]

(What to do before, during and after) Biological agents are micro-organisms and toxins which can cause death or disability in human, cattle and even can damage agricultural products. Three major groups of biological agents can be used in the form of viral, bacterial and toxic weapons. Development and maintenance of biological agents are very difficult. [...]

(What to do before, during, and after) Chemicals are seen everywhere. They have many applications in our life, in drinking water purification, agricultural products and home affairs. However, if chemicals are used or released improperly into the environment during manufacture, storage, transport or consumption, they can be dangerous for human and environment. Dangerous substances can, […]

(What to do before, during and after) Tiny dust pollution which sometimes covers the sky of large parts of the country is almost a familiar phenomenon for pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Syria. Because of having vast deserts and dry lands, these countries are imposed to tiny dust more than Iran. Due to […]